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Ms. Sidhika Goenka

  Your classes are definitely helping Priya in shaping her personality. It has not only helped her in building her Vocabulary but has also boosted her self confidence.  You share a special bond between the group, which makes her look forward to your classes. My best wishes to Empowering You!

- Laxmi Shirgaonkar, Mother of Priya Shiragaonkar, 12 years old

Dear maam, Ashwin is very fond of speaking English but he was not able too. Ashwin did not get that surrounding. After joining Empowering You he has improved a lot, he is now building his own sentence and try his best to speak in English. I request you to keep encouraging Ashwin in same way as still now and I suggest to concrete on good habits like ways of talking to elders and table manners. Thank you maam for all your efforts for my child. Thanks once again!

-Swati Narsinghani, Mother of Ashwin Narsinghani, 5 years old

Shaurya’s gained a lot from this class. He is very happy. He eagerly waits for this class. His spoken English is improved a lot. Now he feels very confident while conversing in English. He also tries to complete his sentence. And he also thinks very creativity in all aspects. Thank you for that.


-Amruta Dunung, Mother of Shaurya Dunung, 5 years old

He learns lots of words and his meaning. This class develop confident level to make a sentence and think more about new sentence and words. He likes this class very much. He always wanted to go his empowering class and enjoy very much.

- Shrikumar Lakhotia, Father of Madhav Lakhotia, 10 years old

Thanks for entering into our child’s life at a very right time. The process although is slow, but they are showing results. The zest to know more is definitely being seen in my children. Keep it up.

-Preeti Heda, Mother of Raghav Heda, 10 years ol 

I really liked the way you teach the kids. Vansh has learnt a lot from your class. He loves to read new words and books. His vocabulary has improved. He loves attending your class.

- Sheetal Gandhi, Mother of Vansh Gandhi, 7 years old

Good afternoon! I have seen very nice improvement in Tithi since she has joined you. Your teaching has empowered her skills. Thank you for your guidance.

- Trishala Gandhi, Mother of Tithi Gandhi, 10 years old

It was great children really enjoyed your class. Anything during vacation please do tell! Thank you!

- Roshni Chautani, Mother of Anshul Chautani, 8 years old

Nirav is enjoying alot in your class. He has started speaking in English. Now he takes interest in finding words from the dictionary. He is always very keen to come to you. Thank you very much! Keep one encouraging him to take more interest in new words and English fluency. Thank you for your encouragement and support.

- Priti Chandwani, Mother of Nirav Chandwani, 7 years old                

Vihaan was doing very well after joining your classes, except for the past few months, as he missed many sessions of yours. There was a lot of change in him. He started using new words in his sentence formation. He has very well understood the concept of story writing and how to make use of rich vocabulary in his story though they are still grammatical mistakes. His confidence of delivering a speech on stage has improved considerably.

- Sheetal Shah, Mother of Vihaan Shah, 7 years old.

I would like heartily congratulate you  for a very fine contribution to the society by  kick starting “ Empowering you “ . I vividly remember our first meeting ; i knew almost instantly  that my daughter was in impeccable hands . I haven’t  taken  the pains of cross  checking since then for I have been receiving  excellent  reviews from  KHYATI.

Personally ,  I feel that KHYATI has sharpened  her  language skills and her  vocabulary  amazes me. Her  confidence  has  increased  in leaps and bounds . the best part is that she is a happy  to go for the  class every Wednesday.  And on return the tirade and the shine in her eyes says it all . I have to drop everything and  listen to her excited version . she has made new friend and  I was quite surprised when she wanted to share  a story book in the class with them . this is something that she never attempted at school . she has discovered her passion for colouring too. She is keener at trying her hand at varied activities like puzzles , match the pairs , join the  dots and find the way etc.

Once again , I wish to admire your patience and enthusiasm. You have put your time , talent and education onto an apt platform . Needless to mention that it’s a very noble  profession.

Wishing you success in everything you do,

Warm Regards,                                                                                   

Monica s. mohite


I am firstly very thankful to you for considering me and starting this new batch for just 3 months

Indeed, It was great experience ARYAN’S vocabulary improved a lot . He is using new words now  as a child play way method of learning  has improved his basic learning skills .

Thanks to you!

Kashish   Damlani


I am satisfy your class , Empowering you  is basically good for my child ALAN, He had learn more things how to say , but  his reading is weak and grammar  is missing while speaking . He learned new words and meaning , I am happy with that . please take his reading

Thank you  

Yes , SIDDHI enjoyed class don’t want miss any of them  the she loves the class and looks forward to all Saturdays. All games , activities helped her 100% She has improved with her confidence , speech and vocabulary

I would love you to encourage her more with her vocabulary .

Kavita Harlalka 


Yes he did. He felt confident and he the class different from other  classes . yes he did benefit grown  it very much He improved his speech , vocabulary etc.

Debuting skills should be improved ,                                                                                                            

Mamta Karmalkar

Yes of course!  He is always to speak . subjects was a useful activity

* Please take some acting practice like skits etc.

* Please give some reading  us .

* Please take an hour or two for parents .                                                                                                                                         

Arati Kapade

My son really enjoyed comes to your class though initially He was not very keen to join. I found my son  - quite confident . He wants to take fast in more  & more   public speaking . He has become more bold & active.

* should  include more & more topics of debate

* should  also start something like “pick & speak’’  - on the spot an the given topics.

* more                                                                                                                      

Mamata  Zanwar

You and only you are responsible for my child motivation towards this class. They way you give importance to every child and him makes  him feel high.  Although is have not been very interactive with him about the class but making them write about  the topics they spoke today.

I think little more time is needed continually  as well I m sorry to say so.                                                                                                                                                

Preeti Heda

Yes , SIDDHANT enjoyed every moment of the class & wants more . my child has indeed taken his first steps towards public speaking , through he has a long way to go with your guidance and encouragement .

The duration of class time has to be more .                                                         

Reena  Solanki

Initially he was but after a few session ,  he started loving and  enjoying it .  I can only say that he wait’s for the clock to strike 4 every Saturday .

One which we were looking forward would be introduced in the  6 month module ,


Mohini Rajawade


Yes . She like it .she enjoys to participate in all the activities taken  .Definitely  yes ! she feels more confident now .Debating  I think  has helped her . also  vocabulary has improved  exposure to many other subjects . i have a younger  daughter in class 3 . please advise something better for her .would like to admit her in your class.

Deepali  Taywade

Yes. I like to come to the class . He  has & esteem become confident .yes . he was                     

But he was started  communating . Encourage more for children in public speaking .


  Yes he enjoyed all activities in the  class & assignment makes . He want to come your class .again and again. Yes that is really helpful to our child . yes my child has benefits from this class and it is make more confident to him .

Try to make more session in one class.                                                                                                                                    

Mother of Malhar


Initially AKSHAT was not so keen in joining the class . but  once he started attending the sessions, He look interest  and was eager to go to the classes . Now he really likes what you all do there . AKSHAT has taken interest in English language  as a whole . He attempts to converse in English I think it has helped him to some extend . but there lot still to improve. I am sure you will work on that .

I want him to be more fluent in speaking . He  to speak , that he may make mistakes & others may make fun of him. The should feel free to speak what in his mind .

Mother of Akshat 

He loves it. Yes he has the debate was the best . Keep it on a weekend . Saturday is also o.k.


Yes. PRADYUT  enjoyed being in the class . He felt motivated by the activities like debate conducted in the class. Introduction to new words and their implementation has made the  vocabulary rich. Debate was another activity for confidence boosting .

Please check out it new authors along with their book names can be introduced to kids and motivate them to read it.

Mother of Pradyut