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Ms. Sidhika Goenka
  Will my child become more social? He/She is very shy. He/She does not talk.
Yes the child becomes social because children in a happy environment are automatically social. They are not under pressure. They are playing games and being challenged all the time. They are bound to open up sooner or later.

  Will my child speak English fluently? We speak in another language at home.Will my child start reading? He/She has no interest in reading. He/She just wants to watch TV.
The child will improve but fluency depends on both the home and class environment. The parents have to work in conjunction with the facilitator. We, as a team can raise the child's level of fluency. Reading is a MUST. Weekly reading has to be inculcated in the child's schedule and the parent has to ensure that the child is supported lovingly in this effort. Reading should be a parent and child game, not a task forced by the parent with a deadline. A child's mind can be moulded as per how you, as a parent approach the task. View the task as one you enjoy doing with the child and he/she will look forward to it as 'precious time spent with the parent'. And lo and behold..! Your child develops a love for reading! Try to converse in English with the child at least for some part of the time. Maybe twice a week. Fix days. On Mondays and Fridays we will speak only in English. It will become a game.

  What does the Creative Communications program teach ?
The Creative Communications program by Empowering You is a whole brain development program that teaches lifetime skills to students from age 5-16 years old. The learning and thinking process is enhanced when the right and left sides of the brain participate in a balanced manner. Research shows that during traditional learning most people use their left side of the brain and the right side is underutilized. At Empowering You, we develop the less dominant right side of the brain and improve the communication and coordination of both sides.

Children who participate in this program gain creativity, presentation, speed and accuracy skills as well as an increase in self-confidence and self-reliance. They have also shown remarkable improvements in academics.

  My child is already doing well at school and loves English. Why would he need this program?
The human brain has unlimited potential and there is always room to grow. This program is about training the brain and learning lifetime skills. Even if your child is an A+ student, this program will still help build a stronger foundation and help your child perform better at more competitive levels in other academic and non-academic areas. This program enhances your child's personality and makes you a stronger, creative and more confident individual.

  When can parents start seeing progress in the child?
Parents should start seeing progress within 4-6 months. Initially the child will still be shy, might not talk in English, and will take time to adjust. Please do not think that this program will make your child a genius overnight. Our program demands time and involvement. During the 5th month you should start seeing remarkable changes assuming the child has been following the program as required.
  • How much parent participation is involved?

    We do believe that parental involvement is key to a child's development. We want parents to interact with their child in English, play educational games with them, and encourage their questions in turn helping them visualize creatively.

    To keep parents fully aware of a child's progress, we have regular formal and informal parent teacher meetings providing feedback of a child's progress, answering any questions that a parent might have and providing counseling to ensure that the child is making the best of this program.