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Ms. Sidhika Goenka
It's what kids need right now. Schools expect children to be able to write narrative stories. But the schools can't tell a student how to write or think creatively. They simply tell how far a child must go on his trip toward writing proficiency; they can't start his engine. Kids need help to channel their imaginative ability into writing coherent stories. This is where we come in!

And being creative is what kids want right now. Everywhere I go, I meet children who jump at the chance to imagine, who are willing to be drawn into brainstorming that produces fresh, funny, fantastic stories. If they see that creating stories is fun, they're ready for the ride!

To start the ride, enroll your child in Creative English class right now!!!

Workshops for schools
Along with teaching creative writing classes and personality enhancement seminars in my center, I am also happy to conduct workshops for your school on Creative Writing for kids, parents and even teachers!

I believe I can see the "whole package" -- not just the writing part, but the creativity that drives it as well as the final illustrations. I don't just give tips on writing. Plenty of authors can do that. I'm a motivator. I'm a cheerleader for the ideas of kids. And, I make their stories take shape before their eyes!