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Ms. Sidhika Goenka
Many times adults have social/personal/professional/parental issues which create a conflict in one's minds. We provide an opportunity to discuss these road blocks and propel you towards a professional solution. In the process we guarantee 100 percent confidentiality and privacy! Sometimes, talking to a family member is not enough, professional and unbiased guidance is needed for all of us!
Some benefits of professional counselling-
  • opening up to a professional guarantees an unbiased opinion
  • interaction with a professional counsellor gives you various options
  • you know the best answer to your problem but we help you chanelize your thoughts towards a focused direction
Empowering You is a personality development and counseling center. The center offers counseling services and personal growth groups for all age groups. The biggest myth about counseling is that it is only for people with serious mental problems. The majority of our clients have common, but stressful problems in living. Counseling is for anyone who wants to feel better or make changes.
Counseling is tailored to an individual's needs and may include topics such as:
  • Personal development
  • Relationship skills
  • Career/Education advice
  • Time and stress management
  • How to maximize your strengths
  • Communicating with others
  • Depression
  • Family issues
Counseling works best if you:
  • Identify goals for counseling
  • Are as open and honest as possible
  • Come prepared for your sessions-having thought ahead of time about what you want to work on
  • Tell your counselor if you don't think you're being helped
  • Remember- counseling is not magic. It requires commitment, hard work, and time
  • Come regularly for at least 6- 8 sessions
Services Offered
Weekly individual counselling sessions for 50 minutes each
Family counselling sessions
Growth Group counselling