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Ms. Sidhika Goenka
Stressed with work? Need Guidance for your children? Need to groom your personality?
At Empowering You, we enhance your child's:
  • Vocabulary
  • Self-Confidence
  • Expressiveness
  • Communication
  • Personality
Counselling works best when you:
  • Identify goals for counselling
  • Are as open and honest as possible
  • Come prepared for your sessions-having thought ahead of time about what you want to work on
We focus on the process growth of your child:
  • Our class is pure fun. Learning is by chance.
  • Children love stories. We teach words through stories
  • We plays lots of games that keep the brain thinking.
Upcoming Workshops:
  • Stress & Time Management
  • Personality Development
  • Communication Skills
  • Get To Know Yourself Better
  • Parenting In Today's Generation
About Us
At Empowering You our mission is to "help children and adults find the power within themselves to build a more creative and happier future".

We provide children with the right tools to unlock their hidden potential. The fun-filled and motivational environment along with a practical and hands-on curriculum will not only help children improve their English and Vocabulary skills but also improve their performance in other academic and non-academic areas. This is a complete brain enhancement program to unlock the creativity within your child and help him/her think like they have never done before!